Smart Centre


The Smart Centre was established in 2016 by the Zambian Government as part of the nation-wide Smart Zambia Project Phase I as an ICT Talent Development Centre. Smart Zambia Project is about scaling up ICT infrastructure in government institutions, skills and services across the country with the view to leveraging the same as a means to accelerate national development in all areas of our economy. The Smart Centre therefore plays its part as a Training Centre for ICTs in line with the Smart Zambia Project objectives.

Zambia ICT College was naturally chosen to house the Centre in view of its long history of providing ICT training to in-service staff for the former Zamtel initially, and then later to the general public, albeit specialising mainly in telecommunications in its formative years. The college has gone ahead to provide training in other technologies, with the Smart Centre playing another role as a Centre of Excellency in ICT’s supporting the college with its technology needs as it delivers its teaching services to the students.

We offer specialized training in industry-relevant ICT Professional & Short Vocational courses that find their applications specifically in the Mobile Telephone Services industry, Internet Service Providers and Data Carriers sector; Unified Communications and Video Conferencing technologies for the general Enterprise Sector; Networking, Cyber Security and general IT Security technologies for IT professionals and many more. We are therefore non-academic in focus, although we do support the delivery of some practically-oriented academic modules from our facilities. Our programmes cater for the basic need in IT knowledge for beginners to the most advanced applications by ICT professionals.

We will continue to play our role as a Talent Development wing of the Smart Zambia Project as government continues to expand the capacity and influence of the Smart Zambia Project across the country in line with Zambia’s Vision 2030. We also offer excellent conference facilities with State of the Art multimedia equipment ideal for corporate meetings, workshops, seminars, video-conferencing, board meetings etc.

We will continuously review our services portfolio in order to remain relevant to the needs of the industry as well as contribute to the shaping of technology trend adoption in Zambia.

We invite public institutions, the private sector and general members of the public to visit our centre to see for themselves what the centre has to offer in terms of their ICT learning and conferencing needs.


  • Routing & Switching (HCNA-R&S)
  • Security (HCNA-Security)
  • Storage (HCNA-Storage)
  • Unified Communication (HCNA-UC)
  • Video Conferencing (HCNA-VC)
  • Routing & Switching (CISCO)
  • Certificate in Office Automation
  • Certificate in Web Application Development